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NL gov wants to revoke NL nationality for expat Dutch people

Aside from the fact that NL is a trading nation and thus has a disproportionate amount of people living and working outside of the Netherlands and thus having multiple nationalities, it makes it seem like having the Dutch nationality is like being a member of some kind of exclusive club. What nonsense! Being a member […]

How to Break Into a Windows PC

Sneaky Command-Line Fu: Reset the Password with the System Rescue CD If you need access to the operating system itself, the Linux-based System Rescue CD is a good option for breaking in. You’ll need to do a bit of command line work, but as long as you follow the instructions closely you should be fine. […]

Google to charge to use Maps API

Apps and websites that use the Google Maps API will soon have to pay $4 per 1,000 visitors Google announced today. There is an allowance for small sites – the first 25,000 map-loads a day are free. Google Maps API now costs $4 per 1,000 requests • The Register.

Why Economic Models Are Always Wrong

Basically it’s because econonmists allways calibrate the data – ie. change certain parameters to try to represent reality. Carter proved that even small changes to parameters make huge differences in the predictive power of a model. Economists calibrate and recalibrate their models all the time, leading to worse and worse predictions. Why Economic Models Are […]

HOW TO: Modify Widget Backgrounds/Images to your Liking

HOW TO: Modify Widget Backgrounds/Images to your Liking – Android Forums.

Table Connect for iPhone

This turns a table into a giant connected iphone, with all the swipe gestures etc Table Connect for iPhone.

iPhone used to snoop on PC keyboard input

using a smartphone accelerometer—the internal device that detects when and how the phone is tilted—to sense keyboard vibrations and decipher complete sentences with up to 80 percent accuracy via GT | Newsroom – Georgia Tech Turns iPhone Into spiPhone.

Happiness is inherited: here are the genetics

The genetics of happiness: Transporter of delight | The Economist.

Plastic surgeon finds the ideal breast shape by examining Page 3 girls | Mail Online

‘We used computer measuring tools to examine the dimensions and proportions of each pair of breasts, identifying four features common to all of them,’ he explains. The features analysed were the dimensions of the upper and lower pole, medical terms that describe the areas above and below the nipple; plus the angle at which the […]

Backup your Android

Backup Master – Android Market. Titanium Backup

Official Samsung Galaxy S2 Firmwares

[ROM+Guide]Official i9100 Firmwares KG1/2/3/5/6/7, KH1/2/3/4, KI1/2/3/4/8 Download – xda-developers.

Samsung DIVE – track and protect your Samsung Android device

Samsung DIVE. The Help page tells you how to set up the service. Unfortunately, T-Mobile has fucked up their version of the firmware, making it impossible to add a Samsung Account or register with this service. See here for UK discussion Fortunately it’s not too hard to update to the base Samsung firmware without voiding […]

KiuanSoft, Inc. :: Launch Screen Organizer for Android

Organize your home screens using your computer! KiuanSoft, Inc. :: Launch Screen Organizer for Android.

Android Sync Managers

Free Samsung Kies Wondershare MobileGo Android Sync Manager – Android Sync Software for HTC EVO, Nexus One, Droid, Disire HD, Hero and Other Android Phones MyPhoneExplorer Easy howto to sync through Google Paid CompanionLink Gsyncit Syncs Outlook with Google

How to Turn Any Song Into a Ringtone for Your iPhone or Android (for Free)

How to Turn Any Song Into a Ringtone for Your iPhone or Android (for Free).

Bluestacks: Run Android Apps on your Windows PC

Bluestacks :: App Player for Windows :: Run apps fast on your PC or tablet.

4mm thick speakers

Developed by Finn Magee these speakers are built for posters, are as thick as paper and are flexible. It’s called the flat sound series. © Finn Magee 2011.

US Predator / Reaper drones have keylogger virus

Exclusive: Computer Virus Hits U.S. Drone Fleet | Danger Room |

Autostart iphone apps

There are plist files in /Library/LaunchDaemons/ and /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ which you can create which should work. Autostart / launchd. There’s also a launchctl command launchctl load /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.imalc.insomnia.plist this is a clue how to get an app to boot at startup

iPhone 4S: What can you say to Siri?

Here’s a list of all the voice commands you can use for your iphone 4s iPhone 4S: What can you say to Siri? | TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Weblog.

3M film turns windows into transparent solar panels | ITworld

Less efficient than proper solar panels, but cheaper and easy to install yourself. 3M film turns windows into transparent solar panels | ITworld.

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