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Shifting employee bonuses from self to others increases satisfaction and productivity at work

Providing employees with a bonus to spend on charities or co-workers may increase job satisfaction and team sales, according to results published September 18 in the open access journal PLOS ONE by Lalin Anik from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University and colleagues from other institutions.Read more at:

The effect of subliminal priming on sleep duration

Two experiments primed college students with either sleep-related or neutral words and then assessed sleep during a 25 minute nap period. Both experiments showed that participants primed with sleep-related words reported having slept longer than did those primed with neutral words. Furthermore, both experiments showed that sleep-primed participants exhibited lower heart rate. Experiment 2 also […]

Instant disposable Gmail addresses

Let’s say you need to sign up for a mailing list that interests you, but you’re afraid spammers might get your address. We’ll call the list “exoticflowers”. Sign up with the list using the address “”. Email to that address will still come to your “” address even though the “To:” will include that “+exoticflowers” […]

Interactive: Snake Oil Supplements? The scientific evidence for health supplements

This interactive chart gives links to the scientific evidence for a whole load of supplements, stating if they work or not and for what malady. Interactive: Snake Oil Supplements? The scientific evidence for health supplements | Information Is Beautiful.

Google Ngram Viewer

This tool allows you to view how often case-sensitive comma-separated phrases appear in Google Books (until 2008 as far as I can see) from various languages. Interesting to see Love scores a lot lower than Sex and “yes we can” was popular in 1930 – 1935 as well as 1944 – 1950 and started on […]

Hacked bank-card reader TEXTS your info to crims

With instructional sales video

Wickr – free secure messaging app

Wickr is a free app that provides:  ·military-grade encryption of text, picture, audio and video messages ·sender-based control over who can read messages, where and for how long ·best available privacy, anonymity and secure file shredding features ·security that is simple to use For both iphone and android

Corked Wine Plugs Up Your Nose

Ever send a bottle of wine back at a restaurant? If you weren’t just being a pretentious snob, then it was probably because the wine seemed “corked”—had a musty odor and didn’t taste quite right. Most likely, the wine was contaminated with a molecule called 2,4,6-trichloroanisole (TCA), the main cause of cork taint. But a […]

Why people commit virtual identity suicide

This study goes in depth about why people are quitting social networking sites and finds some interesting conclusions

Hintli Yeteneksiz siniz böyle olur on Vimeo

These guys are fucking nuts. I’ve never seen anyone go quite as crazy as these guys. Well worth viewing! Hintli Yeteneksiz siniz böyle olur on Vimeo on Vimeo via Hintli Yeteneksiz siniz böyle olur on Vimeo.

The Feynman Lectures on Physics, Volume I

Zero Install

Run windows applications without installing them. Zero install also keeps the applications up to date.

Police happy with iphone 5s fingerprint unlock

Because they don’t have to germ a court order to make you decrypt and unlock your mobile any more

Scientific evidence of what works in education often ignored

According to Gina Kolata in the New York Times, The Institute of Education Sciences in the Department of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education, has supported 175 randomized controlled studies, like the studies used in medicine, to find out what works and doesn’t work, which are reported in the What Works Clearinghouse. Surprisingly, the choice of […]

Ghetto shield: Play PC Games on Your Android Phone with This DIY NVIDIA Shield Clone

New report ranks the happiest countries

This year’s report provides country-level happiness rankings and explains changes in national and regional happiness,” said Report editor John Helliwell. Professor Helliwell worked with other CIFAR researchers to analyze data from the Gallup World Poll. “The report reveals important trends and finds six key factors that explain much about national happiness

3D-printable mini spectrometer

For only $20 it’s open source tricorder project


Osmocom (Open Source Mobile Communication) is a collection of Free Software / Open Source Software projects in the area of mobile communications.Our member projects implement a variety of public and private communications systems, ranging from GSM/GPRS mobile telephony to TETRA private mobile radio, DECT cordless telephony, GMR satellite telephony and many others.The goal of those implementations is to […]

This Equation Can Tell You How Successful a Reddit Post Will Be“>linkie

Haptix: Multitouch Reinvented by Haptix Touch

Haptix turns ANY surface into a multitouch surface. It’s a sleek bar that you can place flat or clip on something elevated to enable multitouch on any flat surface, such as a table, window, or screen. You can then control any computer by tapping, pinching to zoom, or swiping to scroll on that surface itself. […]

Skanect by Occipital | 3D Scanning Made Easy

3D ScanningFast, Easy and Low-costWith Skanect, capturing a full color 3d model of an object, a person or a room has never been so easy and affordable. Skanect transforms your Microsoft Kinect or Asus Xtion camera into an ultra-low cost scanner able to create 3D meshes out of real scenes in a few minutes. Enter […]

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