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Off-the-Record Messaging

Off-the-Record (OTR) Messaging allows you to have private conversations over instant messaging by providing: Encryption No one else can read your instant messages. Authentication You are assured the correspondent is who you think it is. Deniability The messages you send do not have digital signatures that are checkable by a third party. Anyone can forge messages after […]

Call yourself a ‘hacker’, lose your 4th Amendment right against seizures

The court has struggled over the issue of allowing the copying of the hard drive. This is a serious invasion of privacy and is certainly not a standard remedy… The tipping point for the court comes from evidence that the defendants – in their own words – are hackers. By labeling themselves this way, they […]

Netherlands and Belgium to share aerial protection

Specifically the qra (quick reactiin alert) and renegade tasks Not only does this make economic sense, but also taking a wider view at European military cooperation, this is hopefully a first step towards many more far reaching integrated forces within the EU. Doing so will ease economic defense spending burdens, but also create a […]

Digital Attack Map

Digital Attack Map.

Experian Sold Consumer Data to ID Theft Service

An identity theft service that sold Social Security and drivers license numbers — as well as bank account and credit card data on millions of Americans — purchased much of its data from Experian, one of the three major credit bureaus, according to a lengthy investigation by KrebsOnSecurity.

Nftables to replace iptables?

Looks like it. It’s protocol independent, reduces complexity and duplication and will sigificantly reduce the packet filtering footprint in the kernel. It should also make it more easily extensible in the future, as it runs in user space in a virtual machine.

Making Money from Movie Streaming Sites, an Insider’s Story

The gist is pretty simple: drive traffic to sites via links, recieve money (about $1 per 1000 hits) via their affiliate advertising programmes.

bibitel Sim Skin for cheap mobile roaming

These guys have a sticker SIM card which you stick over your existing SIM card. Once you’re roaming, it intercepts the call and re routes it to it’s own services. These are way cheaper than the roaming costs of the company you are using. Once you’re back, you are using your own provider. bibitel :: […]

EU court rules retention of fingerprints in databases illegal

Opslag van vingerafdrukken is illegaal, zegt EU Hof – Webwereld. You can have them on the passport, but not in a centralised or distributed database. Yay privacy!

Aeromobil flying car prototype gets off the ground for the first time

Stefan Klein, a designer from the Slovak Republic, has announced the first flight of his Aeromobil Version 2.5, a flying car prototype he has been developing over the last 20 years. via Aeromobil flying car prototype gets off the ground for the first time.

MIT team shows system that tracks people through walls better than wifi triangulation

A team of researchers at MIT have been working this year on a system that can track people through walls with impressive accuracy using radio waves. The team showed the system earlier this month. IDG News Service made a video of the demo, which took place at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Laboratory (CSAIL) in […]

What the Government Does with Americans’ Data

For the first time in one report, the Brennan Center takes a comprehensive look at the multiple ways U.S. intelligence agencies collect, share, and store data on average Americans. The report, which surveys across five intelligence agencies, finds that non-terrorism related data can be kept for up to 75 years or more, clogging national security […]

Avegant Virtual Retinal Display

Avegant has produced this device, a wearable prototype he simply calls the Virtual Retinal Display for now. It could be most closely compared to the Oculus Rift, a full-field wearable display that presents a 3D image to the wearer. However, where the Rift cunningly relies on a single LCD panel and some simple optics to work […]

When does a physical system compute?

Computing is a high-level process of a physical system. Recent interest in non-standard computing systems, including quantum and biological computers, has brought this physical basis of computing to the forefront. There has been, however, no consensus on how to tell if a given physical system is acting as a computer or not; leading to confusion […]

Under Obama, ‘Black’ Sites Swapped for Ships

Instead of sending suspected terrorists to Guantanamo Bay or secret CIA “black” sites for interrogation, the Obama administration is questioning terrorists for as long as it takes aboard U.S. naval vessels.

D2 Pilot Watch | Garmin

Direct-to and Nearest buttons that utilize a worldwide airport database Altimeter with adjustable baro setting and compass Displays multiple time zones with Zulu/UTC reference Various timers and vibrating alerts for inflight task reminders Wirelessly receives flight plan from Garmin Pilot™ and controls VIRB™

SPRITE found to be best cure for hangover

Chinese scientists examined 57 drinks – from herbal teas to fizzy drinks. Found that some helped to speed up the process where the body breaks down alcohol, helping relieve a hangover quicker. But some slowed the process down, meaning symptoms remained Young people – and regular drinkers – produce more of the alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme, […]

Huwei SD Card takes SIM card for HSPA+ 3G

So you don’t need a USB dongle, just an SD card in your slot. This SD Card Is Hiding a Mifi Inside.

Biggest patent trolls worried about EU also becoming patent troll heaven

What is the world coming to when the largest patent trolls, namely Apple, MS, and Samsung as well as BlackBerry, Cisco, HP, Intel, Yahoo, Google are trying to reign in new EU laws that would make patent trolling easy? Could it be that even they recognise that the patent system is outmoded and harms innovation […]

Turning plastic bags into carbon nanotubes

University of Adelaide researchers have developed a process for turning waste plastic bags into a high-tech nanomaterial. […] The process is also catalyst and solvent free, which means the plastic waste can be used without generating poisonous compounds. via Turning plastic bags into high-tech materials.

Particle accelerator on a chip

In an advance that could dramatically shrink particle accelerators for science and medicine, researchers used a laser to accelerate electrons at a rate 10 times higher than conventional technology in a nanostructured glass chip smaller than a grain of rice. via SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory – Researchers Demonstrate 'Accelerator on a Chip'.

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