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Julius Popp of Spherical Robots has created a display / monitor by using falling water. The density of the water creates the pixels. The results are fairly amazing:

Where the hell is Matt?

OK, so this guy does a silly dance and gets it on the internet and becomes vaguely famous. He then goes and gets sponsored by some gum brand to do his silly dance all over the world. After this is released, he becomes quite a bit more famous. Now people are writing in telling him […]

World’s biggest drawing created with the help of GPS and DHL

As an advertisement for DHL, this guy sent a package with a GPS device and a tracker all over the world from destination to destination, and made a drawing that spans the world

Extreme body modification

Identical twins exchange body parts. Real or fake? Click on the link and decide for yourself…

Garfield sans Garfield

What happens if you take Garfield out of his comic? You’re left with a manic depressive, neurotic Jon, that’s what. Surprisingly the result is readable and funny and even the Davis (the original artist) agrees with the art of this.

Google opens Youtube

The YouTube APIs and Tools open up a full range of YouTube functionality for web pages, software and devices. Users of the API can upload new videos, edit video metadata such as comments and favorites and modify user settings. Your client application can request a list of videos that match specific search criteria, get access […]

Retromodo: Schimmel Pegasus Grand Piano Could Probably Travel Through Time and Space

Schimmel Pegasus Grand Piano Could Probably Travel Through Time and Space pegasus.jpgLooking like it belongs in Jeff Vader’s Coruscant bachelor pad, the hand-made Schimmel Pegasus has an ergonomically curved keyboard, over 200 strings under a total tension of 176,520 newtons, and a key assembly composed of 10,000 pieces. Only 14 were made ten years ago […]

Food art

Using the contents of a refrigerator you can make some damn pretty landscapes!

Visualizing: tracing an aesthetics of data

What does data look like? There are plenty of ideas that have come out of Madrid at Medialab Prado’s Visualizer workshops. Many more images and explanations of what they mean in the link!


A very visual blog that allows you to put up an image in a polariod frame and comment the image. More interesting than it sounds.

who killed bambi?

who killed bambi? is a weblog of art images (so clothing, photography etc, all of a disturbing nature. Very disturbing. # The mission A dangerous criminal gang is riding the net. They act in the dark, exploring the most sinister places, in search for the bloody heart of talent and creativity. Their favourite victims are […]

Painting With Light |

Ways to inventively use light as paintbrushes on photographs you make. Painting With Light |

Water Fountain Toothbrush

Another totally elegant simple idea.

Living Surface

Living Surface is a kit that combines a PC, camera, a projector and software that runs the projection and recognises the shadows on the surface giving the interactivity.

Lit Fuse Films

Lit Fuse produce and direct several very nicely made machinima, of which War of Servers is perhaps best known. It’s a full length feature film. They also have some lovely short movies, such as Rusty Whispers Dennis. Very worth looking at.

10 eccentric day trips in the UK

There are some seriously bizarre things to do in the UK for a day out. The Guardian has a nice list.

Strange things to do with your house

Build a tunnel in it… (more pics in the link)


This has been growing larger and larger on the internets. I think they’re damn funny. Basically they’re pictures of cats with texts added. Or they’re with sealions, who are looking for their bucket. You can’t explain – follow the links and see. This article has a few interesting links and some commentary on the meme. […]

Dutch Electronic Art Festival 07

DEAF07 has as it’s title “Interact or Die!” It will be held between 10 – 29 April in Rotterdam and consists of workshops, seminars, presentations, exhibitions, etc. The program is impressive, this should be worth a visit. There is a secondary exhibition linked to it called unDEAF, which invites anyone to participate however they like, […]

The best Goatse Story Ever

Don’t you know what a Goatse is? Basically, it’s a picture disguised for a while as something innocuous, and when enough people are looking at it, or when they least expect it, you change the picture to a horrible, disgusting one of a huge distended arsehole. It’s one of the most shocking things IMHO you […]

Pictures from the sky

This is an incredible collection of pictures taken at altitude Well worth browsing for desktops 🙂

Ultimate keyboard?

This keyboard can be programmed so that you choose each key’s colour, turning into by far the coolest keyboard ever. Can you get it in programmers’ querty? NB scroll down the link page for loads more images, including how you can program it. You can save your skins, so you can open them for specific […]

Space dates

The celestial almanac has been published, with the dates of meteor showers and planetary viewing in it.

Russ Meyer: The king of sexploitation

A documentary on Russ Meyer has been released on YouTube in 6 parts. This page has all six of them lined up neatly.

Pimp my bed

Your bed not good enough? Why not fit it out with an undercar neon kit style thing. Ok, so it looks more like a flying saucer you put under your bed, and you won’t be able to keep anything else under your bed any more, but still – mucho cool.

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