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Fiber Optic Materials

LumiGram put fiber optics into fabrics and integrate them into handbags, clothing, cushions, whatever, giving them a neat glow. Can’t decide yet if I like or hate it, but so very very pimped!

Tomb Raiding

Tomb Raiders exist and treasure hunters are still being prosecuted for beating archaeologists to the find. Why? Because buried treasure is a non-renewable resource which tells us about our history, especially when the finds are taken in context, and thus a crime to humanity. In Italy a huge trial was held over 10 years, where […]

Improve your digital video experience

8 very good tips to improve your home videos and some informative comments as well.

Very pretty pictures

This site has 20 extremely attractive pictures on it.

More free fonts

Loads of them here

New York Film Festival Shorts

The Cinematical has links to a few very good short films online.

Great media campaigns

Excellent images of some very inventive marketing campaigns.

Colour Palette Generator

This generator takes a picture and shows the colours it contains with the numerical codes.

Lenticural and other strange clouds

This site has beautiful pictures of weird clouds, lenticural being smooth and looking like UFO’s, wave clouds, and others.

Playing with Fire

Burning Man festival always has a large geek percentage. They found some seriously imaginative ways to play with fire.

Free Fonts

This site has over 10,000 fonts available for free with a nice preview functionality.

Steve, don’t eat it!

.. and of course he does. Mold, fungus, silkworm pops, prison hooch, you name it. He eats it, describes it and has colourful photos to go with it.


And many more cool pictures here!


The Treehouse Company goes about building luxury houses in trees, ranging from GBP 15,000 to GBP 55,000 (and higher). These are total beauties, but I couldn’t really tell if you could actually live in one. Note – site homepage does, but other pages don’t work in Firefox


We’ve seen lights on buildings and games on buildings using the roomlights etc as pixels. This installation has it’s own interface made out of the the same layout of the lights on the building, you can step on, turning the LCDs on the interface on and off, and silmutaneously turning the lights on the building […]

Time fountain and other creations

This time fountain uses strobe lighting to show water droplets falling. You can interact with the drops and because you can alter the strobing frequency, you can seem to slow down time and even make time go backwards. The video makes things clearer 🙂 you can find that here Instructions on how to make the […]

Looking for something to read?

The Observer / Guardian has published a top 100 books of all time list. Allthough I don’t entirely agree with the list, and it’s missing a whole load of good ones, it’s well worth browsing through if you can’t think of anything to read and you need a new book.

Berlin Opera gets stoned

Smoke a joint in one of the Berlin Opera houses. It’s a drug opera, so the directors want you to smoke up during the opera in order to fully experience the psychadelic nature of the piece. Cool idea, but no idea what the German police are going to think of this on opening night…

Biomedical Image Awards 2006

This gallery contains amazing pictures of biology including explanations of what it is you’re seeing. This is a split open skin cancer cell

X’Tal Vision

This offshoot of the University of Tokyo, Chrystal Vision, uses projectors and camera’s to good use in order to create some startling illusions. One is invisible / see through clothing, which uses a camera / projector setup to make it look as though the cape is transparent (I’ve seen many blogs referring to this as […]

German Expressionism movies

Free to download and watch on the web

Dali meets Escher

Weird surreal transformational pictures, nicely done.

Internet Generators

All kinds of generators for graphical stuff; logo’s, pictures, texts, whatever

Warning! This site contains images!

omfg! pictures on the intarweb! (Open at work, don’t open at work, I don’t care – but check out one or two of the nastier images).

Microsoft has a sense of humor!

The ipod packaging movie apparently was made internally by Microsoft to show how packaging should be done. The link to the movie is in the article.

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