Tomb Raiding

Tomb Raiders exist and treasure hunters are still being prosecuted for beating archaeologists to the find. Why? Because buried treasure is a non-renewable resource which tells us about our history, especially when the finds are taken in context, and thus a crime to humanity. In Italy a huge trial was held over 10 years, where Read more about Tomb Raiding[…]


The Treehouse Company goes about building luxury houses in trees, ranging from GBP 15,000 to GBP 55,000 (and higher). These are total beauties, but I couldn’t really tell if you could actually live in one. Note – site homepage does, but other pages don’t work in Firefox

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We’ve seen lights on buildings and games on buildings using the roomlights etc as pixels. This installation has it’s own interface made out of the the same layout of the lights on the building, you can step on, turning the LCDs on the interface on and off, and silmutaneously turning the lights on the building Read more about Enteractive[…]

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Looking for something to read?

The Observer / Guardian has published a top 100 books of all time list. Allthough I don’t entirely agree with the list, and it’s missing a whole load of good ones, it’s well worth browsing through if you can’t think of anything to read and you need a new book.

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Berlin Opera gets stoned

Smoke a joint in one of the Berlin Opera houses. It’s a drug opera, so the directors want you to smoke up during the opera in order to fully experience the psychadelic nature of the piece. Cool idea, but no idea what the German police are going to think of this on opening night…

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X’Tal Vision

This offshoot of the University of Tokyo, Chrystal Vision, uses projectors and camera’s to good use in order to create some startling illusions. One is invisible / see through clothing, which uses a camera / projector setup to make it look as though the cape is transparent (I’ve seen many blogs referring to this as Read more about X’Tal Vision[…]

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