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Time goes by

On june 17th since 1976 this family has taken pictures of themselves and put them underneath each other. A nice display of ageing.

The Cartoon Dispute

Wow, this thing has seriously blown up! A Norwegian newspaper published a few cartoons showing arabs in a satirical light. That’s SATIRE as in COMEDY. Much like we have Garfield and Gary Larson. Anyway, the Muslims went completely wild, so much so that other newspapers have taken some of the comics and published them, with […]

Explosion gallery

Stuff exploding and being captured in still life is an artform! Loads more pictures here

Viral Marketing

This is when you place an advert somewhere and let people spread the advert themselves: examples are placing a film on internet and other people linking to it, or sending emails with the link in it, or having people attractive to your target audience meeting the audience in bars and after a conversation innocuously talking […]

MSNBC Year in Pictures

MSNBC has put some very striking pictures up on their website under 2 galleries: editors’ and readers’ choice.

Bizarre casemod I’m just glad people like this don’t spend their time trying to put “lasers” on the “moon”.


This is the phenomenon of using computer graphics or games to create films – Red vs Blue was famous for this, but since then a whole load of others have gone on with the idea, and Lionhead studios has even released a game that allows you to create your own Machinima films.

Church of bones

40,000 dead form morbidly fascinating sculptures and artwork; skeletons meticulously fashioned in 1870 by a wood carver. This is Sedlec’s Church of All Saints ossuary in the Czech Republic. This just made my list of places to go before I kick the bucket.

Blue Ball Machine

The blue ball machine is a blue ball factory you can happily keep watching. The site has quite a few more of these weird little things on it as well, also worth checking out. Such as Paris Hilton or for pure strangeness, we have Batman ualuealuealeuale Wikipedia explains what a ytmnd is – You’re The […]

Khronos Projector

What if by touching something, time would stand still for it? In video we can make time move by pressing on the ffwd / rev button, but that time lapses the whole of the video. Now in this project you can use a touch screen / mouse / pen thing to time lapse only that […]

Monty Pythons Flying Circus

All the TV Show scripts in glorious technicolor HTML!


Create 3D objects on the screen, and they will be there when you look at them using your camera. Strange to explain, but cool to watch.

Bizarre pavement art

Title says it all, really..

The Makeup Gallery

themakeupgallery is the best photo-gallery on the Web featuring actresses in character and prosthetic makeups by some of the best makeup artists. There are over 5000 images from more than 600 movies and TV shows. The transformations from actress into character are illustrated with before and after shots and, wherever possible, with behind the scenes […]

Amazing suicide bunnies

Not really a lot I can say about this. Some of them are pretty subtle or inventive. Bunny Suicides

Urban photography

Fascinating images detailing aspects of the human condition. B&W. Give this a whirl. Urban Photos

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