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YouTube – The Known Universe by AMNH

YouTube – The Known Universe by AMNH.

Woman arrested for piracy – 3 minutes of tape

After taping a birthday party, a woman managed to get 3 whole minutes of Twiligh New Moon footage on her tape, was arrested and is now facing up to 3 years of jail time! Copyright cops going nuts… Woman arrested for trying to record ‘Twilight’ on digital camera :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Metro & Tri-State.

Capturing lightning

Stonebridge engineering has found a  way to capture lightning within 3D polymers. The’re fractals and they look awesome!

5ubox iPhone Theme page

This page is fantastic! Loads of themes easily browseable and best of all, you can download them directly 🙂 iphone theme iphone theme iphone wallpaper iphone applications iphone news iphone web applications iphone ringtones.

Flight International cover competition 2009

They have some awesome entrants allready Flight International cover competition 2009.

Neuromancer performance art with Sasha Grey as Molly

Title says it all. Lucky New Yorkers.

ZeroEdge Aquariums

ZeroEdge Aquariums Are Inspired By Infinity Pools – Born Rich.

Reverse Image Searching

In this form of searching, you upload an image, sketch or 3D object, and you get results based on where the image comes from, where else the image is placed and if (and where) there are similar images on the net. Image Searchers: TinEye RevIMG retrievr – search by sketch / search by image Sauce […]

Star Wars: Uncut

This is a remake of Star Wars with a twist: The whole movie has been cut up into 15 second clips. You can choose up to three clips, film it yourself and upload your interpretation. This is then spliced together and will form a final movie. So far, 105 clips still need to be made. […]


This takes a sketch, some input photo’s and creates a photoshop of the sketch. Quite amazing. PhotoSketch.

Turning birds into music

Looking at birds on a powerline and turning that into a musical score is one thing. The fact that it’s quite attractive music is fairly amazing! Birds on the Wires from Jarbas Agnelli on Vimeo. This Clip is Proof That Birds Are Secretly Composers – Musical birds – Gizmodo.

Concert Hands

The way this system works, is wrist straps on a rail guide your hands to the right place and then zap the finger with electricity to indicate that you should press it. You load up the software with midi files and it’ll make you play it. I guess the idea is that if you build […]

Clark Little Photography

Clark Little makes some awesome pictures of waves crarshing on the beach

Erik Johansson photography

Visual complexity shows a whole plethora of projects where different data (usually large amounts of it) has been mapped in such a way that it looks aesthetically very pleasing.

Californian plant photographs

These photographs take years to make and dicovering the process has taken years. The results are amazing..

lee gainer: ‘two months salary’

Lee Gainer had a look at what kind of engagement rings two months salary will buy you and came up with some interesting stuff: 1) The two months figure was perpetuated by de Beers in 1947 and has been kept up ever since. 2) To me, it doesn’t seem to matter how much money you […]

Het Grote Pipi boek

Here’s a big WTF from the low countries, Link goes to the whole book –

Optical Illusion Candlestick

All you have to do is pay your money, send your picture and they’ll send it to you in your choice of material.

JPG Magazine

JPG Magazine is a crowd sourcing art experiment: they let people submit and vote on the pictures that would be printed in the bi-monthly issue. The results were a vibrant, colourfull amateur(ish) photography magazine. Unfortunately the venture has had to close down, but they have all their issues for free online so you can still […]

John Chiara

John Chiara drives around with a camera the size of a car, handles exposure on the 2×2 m prints with a pinhole camera by placing his hand over the aperture and produces some stunning results.

Using Photographs to Enhance Videos of a Static Scene

These students have built a program that will combine high res pictures of an environment and fuse them with a lower quality video of the same scene, raising the colour depth, resolution, clarity and detail of the scene as well as allowing you to remove objects, edit inline over all angles. It’s very very impressive, […]

Ripples Series

These furniture pieces emulate rippling mercury for some stunning effects.

Beam Bed

Donkey Punch I and II

Incredibly, they’ve gone and made a high budget version of… DONKEY PUNCH!!!! 😀 My favorite review of all time is on that movie, I’m sure you ALL remember it 😀 (Here it is again, should you wish to reperuse it at your leisure: YES! And the point of this message? THEY’VE REMADE AND RE-RELEASED […]

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