Table Football XXL, the largest Foosball table in the world

Attention Foosball players: Here’s the largest table football game in the world. In fact, Table Football XXL is so huge, two entire soccer teams — 22 players — could face off with it, settling their challenges without ever setting foos on a real field. This monster was built by Amsterdam brewer Amstel, a stunt that Read more about Table Football XXL, the largest Foosball table in the world[…]

Space Sims

It’s been a long while since I’ve last played X-Wing, TIE Fighter, Elite, Wing Commander, Privateer, Freespace et al. and I’ve missed the genre. After a little hunting around I’ve found two space sims which look very worth exploring (Allthough, unfortunately, none is multiplayer as far as I can see…): X3: Reunion is a huge, Read more about Space Sims[…]

Brain Game Controller

This Emotiv Systems controller claims to read facial expressions and brain patterns. With some training it can allow you to visualise the actions you want to take and externalise them on the computer. It’s a prototype, but release is planned for 2008, as well as an API for game designers.

Modern Day Jousting

A blow by blow account of jousting by people who joust today. Oddly enough they haven’t changed the armour technology at all – I guess they want to be true to the spirit, but lighter and heavier duty armour (maybe Kevlar) sounds like a plan to me.

Galactic Civilisation II

Galciv2 is an extremely moddable turn based galactic conquest game. It looks attractive, has a huge user base, has no copy protection, is affordable and frequently releases updates. It now has an expansion pack in the works, you can preorder. Not bad!

More sex in games!

Damn, I remember that space invader clone where you had to shoot tits and condoms using your sperm quivering penis. Apparently sex in games looks better now, and game developers want more of it. Me too!