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Google Desktop 3 Spyware

Or at least the EFF says it is. Why? Because default settings allow you to ‘search across computers’ – and people will probably not be aware of this. Basically Google stores everything it finds on your desktop on its own servers for some period in text form. Which means they have everything on your PC!

Buy your local rainforest

Not bad – for EUR. 100,- you can buy an acre of Amazon rainforest. You recieve the GPS cooridinates of it, so you can check up on it on Google Earth as well! Save the lungs of the earth – stop them from deforesting your bit of rainforest.

Fun with Google Maps

Pyramids Sweet. If you haven’t used Maps before – you can click and drag the map as well as zoom in and out. Other places: Area 51 Statue of Liberty WTC NYC (zoom in) Burning oil wells in Iraq (zoom + might be gone after next update..) Uluru (Ayers Rock) SR71 Blackbirds (center of image) […]

Japan wants robo moonbase

TOKYO — Japan wants to help build a lunar base and populate it with advanced versions of today’s humanoid robots by around 2025, according to the head of the nation’s space agency. The idea is more than a pipe-dream; it is part of a 20-year plan, called JAXA Vision 2025, that was drawn up by […]

MMPORG statistics

This page is quite interesting – how more and more people are pulling away from reality to immerse themselves in virtual lives. Lots of statistics and pretty graphs.

Leadership Decision Making

This document on decision making is generating a lot of buzz. Give it read.

The whole EU constitution read

And commented on by this guy – good man! I’ve read through certain bits of the constitution, and find it waaaay too long, difficult and ambiguous to be able to endorse it, but if you want to get into an argument about it during the coming referendum then this is where you can find your […]

Google Will Eat Itself

This website pretends to be about e-marketing, but in fact, is using the adsense google clicks it collects to buy shares in Google. So as people are using Google adverts, they are slowly buying up google in order to give it back to ‘the people’ (Whoever they are) 🙂

007 seeking new Q

According to El Reg, there’s a job opening with a GBP 90 – 100 thou salary, managing a budget of GBP 27m and 475 staffers: as the new gadget king of the spies! Unfortunately, I can’t find it on the MI5 website Or on the MI6 (SIS) jobs site

Evil Overlord list

A top 100 list of things to do once you become an Evil Overlord.

really really evil handy stuff for confusing the masses! (super remote)

Linkielist online

Well, the Linkielist is finally there. It’s just a collection of links mainly with some short texts, we’ll see if we can categorise the stuff as it comes in for easy reference Robin

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