collectiveaccess collection software

CollectiveAccess is free open-source software for managing and publishing museum and archival collections. Runs on any modern web browser Pre-configured with several library standards including Dublin Core, PBCore, VRA Core and more Customizable through simple user interfaces — no complex programming required Reporting tools easily generate finding aids and exports to PDF or spreadsheet-readable formats Read more about collectiveaccess collection software[…]

Winamp to die! and associated web services will no longer be available past December 20, 2013. Additionally, Winamp Media players will no longer be available for download. Please download the latest version before that date via Download Winamp Media Player – Free MP3, Video, and Music Player – Winamp. That is hugely depressing!

Nftables to replace iptables?

Looks like it. It’s protocol independent, reduces complexity and duplication and will sigificantly reduce the packet filtering footprint in the kernel. It should also make it more easily extensible in the future, as it runs in user space in a virtual machine.

ZMap · The Internet Scanner

ZMap is an open-source network scanner that enables researchers to easily perform Internet-wide network studies. With a single machine and a well provisioned network uplink, ZMap is capable of performing a complete scan of the IPv4 address space in under 45 minutes, approaching the theoretical limit of gigabit Ethernet. via ZMap · The Internet Scanner.

Five Best Video Converters

This is a usefull list if you don’t want to handle the command line ffmpeg. It recommends 5 other free utils that are easy to use in varying amounts: MPEG Streamclip (which also works on OSX) Format Factory Handbrake (which is primarily a DVD ripper) Freemake Video Converter SUPER Five Best Video Converters.

Hola Unblocker

Hola unblocker is a Firefox / Chrome extension that unblocks access to sites, such as BBC iplayer. What’s special about it, is it doesn’t work like a VPN solution and it doesn’t slow down the browsing experience. Hola Unblocker.

Google Gets A Second Brain, Changing Everything About Search | Xconomy

Today, when you enter a search term into Google, the company kicks off two separate but parallel searches. One runs against the traditional keyword-based Web index, bringing back matches that are ranked by statistical relevance—the familiar “ten blue links.” The other search runs against a much newer database of named entities and relationships. This second Read more about Google Gets A Second Brain, Changing Everything About Search | Xconomy[…]


safecopy is a data recovery tool which tries to extract as much data as possible from a problematic (i.e. damaged sectors) source – like floppy drives, hard disk partitions, CDs, tape devices, …, where other tools like dd would fail due to I/O errors. via safecopy.

Starling Framework – The GPU powered 2D Flash API

Adobe Flash Player 11 brings Flash content to a whole new level. The new Stage3D APIs finally allow Flash developers to leverage the power of modern GPUs, allowing complex 3D games to run directly within the browser. But what about your existing 2D content? Per default, your 2D applications and games won’t benefit from this Read more about Starling Framework – The GPU powered 2D Flash API[…]

Enyo JavaScript Application Framework (originally for WebOS) opened up

Enyo is an open source object-oriented JavaScript framework emphasizing encapsulation and modularity. Enyo contains everything you need to create a fast, scalable mobile or web application: Built from the ground-up for mobile first – Enyo powers webOS, and was designed from the beginning to be fast and work great on mobile devices Now available for Read more about Enyo JavaScript Application Framework (originally for WebOS) opened up[…]

UK to give schoolkids programming lessons instead of Excel

An excellent plan to make the future generations more than just users of software, but makers of software is being launched in the UK, where schoolkids will make 2D animations, program smartphone apps, etc. Sounds like they’ll have a lot more fun than they do now as well as learning something very very useful. Kids Read more about UK to give schoolkids programming lessons instead of Excel[…]