Anti anti smoking

In an earlier post, I vented my frustrations about smoking studies – few of them are available and the ones that are are flawed: there are very few indeed with a sample size larger than 15 (which is surprising considering the millions of smokers out there) and the one (and only one!) I’ve been pointed to so far has been far from conclusive (putting it mildly).

Now I’ve found a few websites dedicated to telling you a few truths – they also find the studies they have access to are full of shit, especially those regarding passive smoking.

The Smokers Club, inc.


The Truth Is A Lie

We are Americans Too!

The Smokers Rebellion

The only claims they refute that I simply can’t agree with is that smoking is non-addictive. Having smoked for quite some time, I can tell you that it damn well is.

What they do show is the conspiracy of the anti-smoking lobby having successfully inundated the population with their fairy tales and spin which grows larger and more all encompassing (eg. that smoking affects appearance).

I’m glad to see there is some movement to grant us our rights!