The SIDN – the Dutch .nl zonefile owners – have decided they want only large registrars and have decided to give owners of > 100.000 domain names up to 8% discount.
Becoming a registrant is subject to an annual fee, which is the same for all registrars, so the smaller registrars, that have to make more costs due to them not being able to afford automated systems, are being pushed out pricewise.
Basically SIDN is saying “screw you” to all it’s smaller registrars.
Fortunately there is a protest. After unsuccessful negotiations with SIDN, group of registrars has protested to trade standards, complaining that SIDN is a monopoly and is taking advantage of its position for no real reason.
Come on SIDN, you’re one of the largest zones in the world, thanks in large part to small registrars. Stop kicking them in the face!