Stanford Faculty Say Anonymous Student Bias Reports Threaten Free Speech – who’d have thought that anonymous tipping off leads to abuse?!

“A group of Stanford University professors is pushing to end a system that allows students to anonymously report classmates for exhibiting discrimination or bias, saying it threatens free speech on campus (Warning: source paywalled; alternative source),” reports the Wall Street Journal. The Daily Beast reports: Last month, a screenshot of a student reading Hitler’s manifesto Mein Kampf was reported in the system, according to the Stanford Daily. Faculty members leading the charge to shut the system down say they didn’t know it even existed until they read the student newspaper, one comparing the system to “McCarthyism.”

Launched in 2021, students are encouraged to report incidents in which they felt harmed, which triggers a voluntary inquiry of both the student who filed the report and the alleged perpetrator. Seventy-seven faculty members have signed a petition calling on the school to investigate in hopes they toss the system out. This comes as a larger movement by Speech First, a group who claim colleges are rampant with censorship, has filed suit against several universities for their bias reporting systems.

Source: Stanford Faculty Say Anonymous Student Bias Reports Threaten Free Speech – Slashdot

Amazing that people at a place like Stanford didn’t get that this was going to be abused and used to scare the shit out of people – a bit like how these systems were scary in Nazi Germany, Communist Russia and China, North Korea, etc etc.

Robin Edgar

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