World Of Warcraft Update Removes Suggestive Flirts & Jokes – cancel culture wins against humor

Blizzard’s work on cleaning up World of Warcraft in the wake of historical allegations of harassment at the company continues, with the latest round targeting a series of suggestive jokes and flirts that are being removed as part of update 9.1.5.

As detailed by Wowhead, there are a lot of changes, some of them leaving characters with as few as two lines of dialogue to cycle through. And while some are clearly the result of combing back through the archives and removing content that, in the wake of Blizzard’s current crisis, is clearly inappropriate, other cuts are simply down to the fact that it’s now 2021 and some of this stuff is either horribly dated or simply bad.

Some examples of jokes that are being removed are:

Draenei Male: If you could get your hands on my family jewels I would be deeply appreciative.

Goblin Female: I’m a modern goblin woman. Independent? I still let men do nice things to me. But I stopped giving them any credit.

Orc Female: What’s estrogen? Can you eat it?

Tauren Male: Homogenized? No way, I like the ladies.

Meanwhile here are some of the flirts being cut:

Blood Elf Demon Hunter Male: Are you sure you’re not part-demon? I find myself wanting to stalk you.

Blood Elf Female: Normally, I only ride on epic mounts… But, let’s talk.

Dwarf Male: You look pretty, I like your hair, here’s a drink… Are you ready now?

Goblin Male: I got what you need. *sound of zipper*

Highmountain Tauren Female: Are you staring at my rack?

Nightborn Male: Mmmm, I wanna tap that ley line.

Orc Male: Um… You look like a lady.

Troll Female: When enraged, and in heat, a female troll can mate over 80 times in one night. Be you prepared?

Source: World Of Warcraft Update Removes Suggestive Flirts & Jokes

Fine, they are not super clever jokes – but humor is allowed to be bad.

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