Transparent Display Hacked to Look Like Shower Door

[…] The most practical use for transparent LCDs has been in hospitals, where rooms with large windows can be made private at the push of a button that causes the panels to instantly become opaque.

µProto「Wipe Fake」

That’s presumably what inspired this team of designers from IMG SRC, who in just two months created the “Wipe Fake” prototype. The transparent LCD screen was paired with a touchscreen interface that reacts to swipes and finger gestures to wipe away the opaque parts of the panel, revealing what’s behind it like a layer of steam and humidity being wiped off a shower door. The effect looks especially convincing thanks to the virtual water drops that appear to run down the panel as the thin layer of simulated humidity coalesces into larger drops.

Is it the most practical alternative to a whiteboard when it comes to jotting down and working through ideas? Probably not, but just think back to how many eureka moments you’ve had while in the shower. […]

Source: Transparent Display Hacked to Look Like Shower Door

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