Cayman Bank Targeted By Phineas Fisher Confirms it Was Hacked – 2 TB of data can be searched through now, find the money launderers

On Sunday, Motherboard reported that the hacker or hackers known as Phineas Fisher targeted a bank, stole money and documents, and is offering other hackers $100,000 to carry out politically motivated hacks. Now, the bank Phineas Fisher targeted, Cayman National Bank from the Isle of Man, confirmed it has suffered a data breach.

“It is known that Cayman National Bank (Isle of Man) Limited was amongst a number of banks targeted and subject to the same hacking activity,” Cayman National told Motherboard in a statement issued Monday.

Source: Offshore Bank Targeted By Phineas Fisher Confirms it Was Hacked – VICE

RELEASE: Sherwood – Copies of the servers of Cayman National Bank and Trust (CNBT), which has allegedly been used for money laundering by Russian oligarchs and others. Includes a HackBack readme explaining Phineas Fisher’s hack and exfiltration of funds.

Source:  Twitter

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