Windows will go DNS over HTTPS – Take over your DNS queries, grab more of your browsing behaviour

we are making plans to adopt DNS over HTTPS (or DoH) in the Windows DNS client. As a platform, Windows Core Networking seeks to enable users to use whatever protocols they need, so we’re open to having other options such as DNS over TLS (DoT) in the future. For now, we’re prioritizing DoH support as the most likely to provide immediate value to everyone. For example, DoH allows us to reuse our existing HTTPS infrastructure.

For our first milestone, we’ll start with a simple change: use DoH for DNS servers Windows is already configured to use. There are now several public DNS servers that support DoH, and if a Windows user or device admin configures one of them today, Windows will just use classic DNS (without encryption) to that server. However, since these servers and their DoH configurations are well known, Windows can automatically upgrade to DoH while using the same server.

Source: Windows will improve user privacy with DNS over HTTPS – Microsoft Tech Community – 1014229

There is a lot of discussion about this – MS is putting it over as being a user privacy tool, but really it’s a datagrab going on by the tech giants.

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