Car Race Pimping

G-tech/Pro is famous for its accelerometers or g-meters. They measure how fast you accellerate, how many G’s you’re pulling, how fast you brake and how that compares to your turns. Their SS ($199) / RR ($299) series are the top of the line, but it’s a bit unfortunate that you need to spend an extra $100,- to be able to export to your PC.

Of course, you could hook up your wii-mote to a laptop and let Excel do the number crunching 🙂

The Expandable Gauge System (EGS) is a real piece of engineering with shift lights, a rev meter, a digital display with loads of measurements all easily plugged in through your cigarette lighter and a controller. You can buy extra modules for it and expand it as much as you like. Starts at around $279

Link to G-Tech/Pro Homepage

Of course there is also the DashDAQ Series II which allows you to set your own gauge layouts on the screen and plug loads of third party elements into it.

But pricing at $695 is a bit steeper

PLX Devices has digital gauges you can customise and skin from your computer starting at $79,- per piece. The DM-200 ODB is full colour, 60mm and OLED.

Many more gadgets of to be found on

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