GSM Watch Phones

It’s GSM Watch phone week!

The first is the Phenom Watch Phone which features a 1.3″ touchscreen you can operate with a stylus and has a seperate keypad. It’s feature packed and also has an MP3 & MP4, built in microphone and speakers, digital and video camera, Micro SD slot and built in Bluetooth.

They have more of them too, such as the glam model

They’re not cheap, but being able to video call from your watch is of course hugely cool. Unfortunately I can’t find any reviews or videos of someone actually making a call on it.

Then there’s the lG-GD910 which is a 3G HSPDA watch phone. The screen is 1.43″ touch and uses text to speech technology.

Also no idea how stupid you look when trying to actually make a call with it though.

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