Simtrix trots out radically designed Swiftpoint mice

Posted Mar 5th 2008 2:26PM by Darren Murph
Filed under: Peripherals

Sure, we’ve seen input peripherals stretch the core meaning of the word “mouse,” but few have done it better than Simtrix. First up in the Swiftpoint series is the TriPed (on left), which was designed to be held much like a pen if needed and is aimed primarily at tablet PC / tabletop computer users; according to the firm, it “provides seamless transitioning between mouse, pen, and text entry.” Moving on, we’ve got the equally zany Slider, which looks to grab more attention by being able to operate when sliding over a keyboard. Granted, folks with ergonomic / split boards are probably out of luck there, but that’s not to say your thumb still wouldn’t love this critter on a traditional mouse pad. Mum’s the word on pricing and availability at the moment, but we’ll keep an ear to the ground for whispers of either.

Simtrix trots out radically designed Swiftpoint mice – Engadget