USB Data modems

If you want a GPRS / HSPDA / EDGE / GPRS / GSM connection, most mobile providers will sell you a data plan and a PCMCIA card to put your SIM card in and attach your laptop to teh internets. Unfortunately there aren’t that many PCMCIA to USB convertors, nor tabletop PC motherboards with PCMCIA slots. There are now, however, a small crop of Broadband USB modems you can use. These come unlocked and support all bands. If you buy a modem from a provider you should be warned that generally they will be SIMLocked. Also, some come with data plans, but generally you can buy prepaid from a provider as well, with or without the modem. Some come with external antennae to increase the range, some don’t.

The BandLuxe C120 HSDPA USB Modem at EUR. 189,-

ZadaCom has the 3G+ USB HSDPA / UMTS / EDGE 1.8 Mbps modem

and the 3.7Mbps, 7.2 MBps ready modem

Going for GBP 198.58 and GBP 210.33 incl. VAT respectively

In the Netherlands Vodafone and KPN both use Huawei modems.

Vodafone is throwing out the E220

and is now releasing the E270 (or the E272 which is supposed to be an upgrade of the E270)

KPN also uses the E272 / E270.

Huawei also features the E510 which is mobile TV capable as well.

Unfortunately I can’t find any information on buying Huawei products by themselves.

Sony Ericsson is launching the MD400 / MD400g modems. The g version includes a GPS Receiver.

This is the press release

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