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The Cheetah gaming keyboard is one in a series of powerful gaming devices for serious gamer. Cheetah provides programmable Game-Keys. So hardcore users can easily control macros.

The Cheetah Game Wheel has 17 convenient keys. The 17 keys are fully programmable allowing customized PC Game playing. Included software allows for programming the keys and setting up macros. Cheetah has an A / B profile change key to quickly load a second set of macros.

The Cheetah keyboard%u2019s keys use patented Backlight Technology. During the backlit hotkey is toggled on ( this hotkey’s backlit is closed ), These keycaps are blue when the PC is in sleep mode. For normal mode, these keycaps are orange. The faster you type, the orange will turn to red.

Oh, and it’s shit hot.. love it! looks cooler than my g-15

Welcome to BTC

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