Dutch net neutrality law does well, pisses off monopolists

The Dutch Senate has passed the revised Net Neutrality Law as part of an amendment to the country’s Telecommunications Act. The strict new law seeks to ensure that telcos and ISPs treat all internet traffic equally and cannot favour one internet app or service over another. Opponents, however, say the legislation, which was approved by the lower house of parliament in May this year, is overly severe and is out of line with the EU’s own open internet standards.

Afke Schaart, Vice President Europe at mobile industry body the GSMA, commented: ‘We are greatly disappointed with the outcome of today’s vote. We believe that the Dutch Net Neutrality Law goes far beyond the intent of the EU regulation. We therefore call on the European Commission to ensure the harmonised implementation of Europe’s Open Internet rules.’ The GSMA says the tighter laws in the Netherlands will ‘hinder development of innovative services and consumer choice’.

Source: Dutch net neutrality law goes too far say critics

Actually, Afke Schaart, monopolies hinder innovation and consumer choice. It’s a good thing that the NL has used it’s sovereignity to go beyond the minimum that Brussels proscribes – The EU mandarins have obviously been in touch with too many large companies with money in their pockets, seeking to protect their own lazy positions to have made a good job of the net neutrality laws.

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