Now we have yet another massive database leak has been uncovered related to an insecure MongoDB installation, exposing at least 58 million subscriber records.

Twitter user @0x2Taylor posted exfiltrated data on the file sharing site MEGA twice over the weekend, each time resulting in the data being taken down very quickly. The data was then released for a third time on a smaller file sharing website. After analyzing the dataset, we can confirm that nearly 58 million records contain full names, IP addresses, dates of birth, email addresses, vehicle data, and occupations were included in the leak.

Who Is Modern Business Solutions?

Modern Business Solutions (MBS) describes itself as a technology and application service provider specializing in data management and monetization services for data owners. Based in Austin, TX, the firm claims to help “clients build their revenue streams by providing content and services” to a variety of industries including the automotive and employment verticals.

Source: Modern Business Solutions Stumbles Over A Modern Business Problem – 58M Records Dumped From An Unsecured Database

A data management company that can’t configure a database? What a bunch of tits!