JPMorgan Chase ‘requires workers give 6 months notice’

A veteran JPMorgan Chase banker fumed over the financial giant’s policy requiring certain staffers to give six months’ notice before being allowed to leave for another job.

The Wall Street worker, who claims to earn around $400,000 annually in total compensation after accumulating 15 years of experience, griped that the lengthy notice period likely means a lucrative job offer from another company will be rescinded.


“When I looked into the resignation process, I see that my notice period is 6 bloody months!!”

“I was in disbelief, I checked my offer letter and ‘Whoops there it is,’” the post continued.


A spokesperson for JPMorgan Chase told The Post: “In line with other e-trading organizations, some of our algo trading technology employees have an extended notice period. This affects a very small portion – less than 100 – of our 57,000 technologists.”


Workers at its India corporate offices said last year that the Wall Street giant was raising its notice period from 30 days for vice president and below to 60 days, according to

Meanwhile, bankers at the executive director level saw their notice period bumped up to 90 days.

Source: JPMorgan Chase ‘requires workers give 6 months notice’

On the other side, I’m betting that JPMorgan Chase can just fire you with 0 days notice period.

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