Amazon fired four workers who secretly snooped on Ring doorbell camera footage

Amazon’s Ring home security camera biz says it has fired multiple employees caught covertly watching video feeds from customer devices.

The admission came in a letter [PDF] sent in response to questions raised by US Senators critical of Ring’s privacy practices.

Ring recounted how, on four separate occasions, workers were let go for overstepping their access privileges and poring over customer video files and other data inappropriately.

“Over the last four years, Ring has received four complaints or inquiries regarding a team member’s access to Ring video data,” the gizmo flinger wrote.

“Although each of the individuals involved in these incidents was authorized to view video data, the attempted access to that data exceeded what was necessary for their job functions.

“In each instance, once Ring was made aware of the alleged conduct, Ring promptly investigated the incident, and after determining that the individual violated company policy, terminated the individual.”

This comes as Amazon attempts to justify its internal policies, particularly employee access to user video information for support and research-and-development purposes.

Source: Ring of fired: Amazon axes four workers who secretly snooped on netizens’ surveillance camera footage • The Register

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