Bits of Freedom cries to halt the shocking personal data sent out to everyone using Real Time Bidding advertising

During RTB, personal data such as what you read online, what you watch, your location, your sexual orientation, etc is sent to a whole slew of advertisers so they can select you as an object to show their adverts do. This, together with other profiling information sent, can be used to build up a long term profile of you and to identify you. There is no control about what happens to this data once it has been sent. This is clearly contrary to the spirit of the AVG / GDPR. The two standard RTB frameworks – Google’s Authorized Buyers and IAB’s OpenRTB both refuse to accept any responsibility about personal information, whilst both are encouraging and facilitating the trade of it.

Source: Bits of Freedom: stop met grootschalig lekken van persoonsgegevens bij real time bidding – Emerce

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