Life360 Reportedly Sells Location Data of Families and Kids

Life360, a popular tracking app that bills itself as “the world’s leading family safety service,” is purportedly selling location data on the 31 million families and kids that use it to data brokers. The chilling revelation may make users of the Tile Bluetooth tracker, which is being bought by Life360, think twice before continuing to use the device.

Life360’s data selling practices were revealed in a damning report published by the Markup on Monday. The report claims that Life360 sells location data on its users to roughly a dozen data brokers, some of which have sold data to U.S. government contractors. The data brokers then proceed to sell the location data to “virtually anyone who wants to buy it.” Life360 is purportedly one of the largest sources of data for the industry, the outlet found.

While selling location data on families and kids is already alarming, what’s even more frightening is that Life360 is purportedly failing to take steps to protect the privacy of the data it sells. This could potentially allow the location data, which the company says is anonymized, to be linked back to the people it belongs to.


Source: Life360 Reportedly Sells Location Data of Families and Kids

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