Telegram criticizes Apple for subpar web app features on iOS, crippling app

A week after confirming plans for Telegram Premium, the messaging platform’s CEO, Pavel Durov, is again criticizing Apple’s approach to its Safari browser for stifling the efforts of web developers.

Durov would very much like his web-based messaging platform, Telegram Web, to be delivered as a web app rather than native, but is prevented from offering users a full-fat experience on Apple’s mobile devices due to limitations in the iOS Safari browser.

There’s no option for web developers on Apple’s iPhone and iPad to use anything but Safari, and features taken for granted on other platforms have yet to make it to iOS.

“We suspect that Apple may be intentionally crippling its web apps,” claimed Durov, “to force its users to download more native apps where Apple is able to charge its 30 percent commission.”


Source: Telegram criticizes Apple for subpar web app features on iOS • The Register

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