Samsung accused of cheating on hardware benchmarks – again


The South Korean titan was said to have unfairly goosed Galaxy Note 3 phone benchmarks in 2013, and faced with similar allegations about the Galaxy S4 in 2018 settled that matter for $13.4 million.

This time Samsung has allegedly fudged the results for its televisions, specifically the S95B QD-OLED and QN95B Neo OLED LCD TVs.

These accusations were raised this month by YouTube channel HDTVTest on the S95B, and by reviews site FlatpanelsHD on the QN95B. The claims boils down to Samsung allegedly using an algorithm to detect when benchmarking software was running on the set and adjusting the color and artificially boosting luminance by up to 80 percent during the test to make the equipment look better in reviews.

According to the FlatpanelsHD report, those levels of brightness can’t be sustained during normal use without damaging the TV’s backlight panel.

An algorithm to detect and hoodwink benchmarking software is just what Samsung was accused of employing in those earlier examples.


Source: Samsung accused of cheating on hardware benchmarks – again • The Register

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