In their quest for global domination in the Global Big Brother State of USA, they’ve come to the conclusion that all of their seperate profiling and tracking systems don’t work, so what they’re gonna do is combine them all into one huge system called TIA 2. This will supposedly not use personal information (hahahahaha) and no US civilian information (hahahaha) or illegal phonetapping information (hahahaha) or anything else that would make this monster system actually work (hahahaha). Oh and they can’t define ‘normal’ behavior, so they’re not going to even try. They’re just going to follow ‘deviant’ behavior. Whatever that is. Unless it means all behavior.
This link has a very good read on the functionalities of the system.

The paper, called the TANGRAM Proposer’s Information Packet (PIP) they based it on is to be found here.

(This is the government site URL link to the word document)