A Secret Service

A totally new look at how to keep a secure list of passwords: broadcast them live on webradio to the world!

A Secret Service invites you to submit your passwords and a timestamp for storage on the Secret Service website. It is then translated (text-to-speech), automated and broadcasted via webradio and live at Mediamatic Groundfloor every hour on the time of your choice. Because nobody can know that this is your password or what the purpose is, this seemingly paradoxical way of storing something very secret and intimate in public space can be considered completely safe.

To guarantee the absolute safety of your information, Mediamatic will take advanced security measures to protect the server on which your passwords will be saved. You are invited to the festive OPENING on the 15th of July, where the safety of these measures will be on display. If you are thoroughly convinced by the safety, you are invited to place your most sensitive information in our care.