A Telegram Bot Is Selling Stolen Facebook User Info (500m of them1) for $20 a Pop

The phone numbers (and corresponding site IDs) of some 500 million Facebook users now appear to be for sale on a dark web cybercrime forum.

The criminal or group of criminals responsible have constructed a Telegram bot to act as a search function for the data. Potential buyers can now use the bot to sift through the data to find phone numbers that correspond to user IDs—or vice versa—with the full information being unlocked after paying for query “credits.” Those credits start at $20 for a single search and get cheaper if bought in bulk.

The activity was discovered by Alon Gal, co-founder and CTO of cybersecurity firm Hudson Rock, who posted about the scheme on his Twitter account, and reported by Joseph Cox, at Motherboard.

An insecure Facebook server containing account information on millions of users appears to be the source of the data for sale here—though that vulnerability was discovered by researchers in 2019 and Facebook has since fixed it. Gal has claimed that the vulnerability was exploited to create “a database containing the information 533m users across all countries.” (For reasons unknown, the bot itself only claims to sell information for users in 19 countries.)

Source: A Telegram Bot Is Selling Stolen Facebook User Info for $20 a Pop

Yay centralised databases

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