Clorox CISO leaves after > 1/3rd billion spent on breach

The Clorox Company’s chief security officer has left her job in the wake of a corporate network breach that cost the manufacturer hundreds of millions of dollars.


Chau Banks, the chief information and data officer of the $7 billion biz, who reportedly penned the memo, will fill Bogac’s role as Clorox continues mopping up the mess searches for and hires a replacement.


Clorox first disclosed its computer network had been compromised in a US Securities and Exchange Commission filing in August. At the time, it said some of its IT systems and operations had been “temporarily impaired” due to “unauthorized activity” in its IT environment.

A subsequent SEC filing in September noted “wide scale disruption” across the business because of the intrusion.

Those disruptions included processing orders by hand after some systems were taken offline.


In its first-quarter fiscal 2024 earnings report at the start of this month, Clorox reported a 20 percent drop in year-on-year Q1 net sales and noted the $356 million decrease was “driven largely” by the cyberattack.

In a subsequent SEC filing, Clorox noted that expenses related to the network break-in for the three months ending September 30 totaled $24 million.

“The costs incurred relate primarily to third-party consulting services, including IT recovery and forensic experts and other professional services incurred to investigate and remediate the attack, as well as incremental operating costs incurred from the resulting disruption to the company’s business operations,” according to the Form 10-Q filing.

Clorox also revealed it expects to incur more expenses related to the security super-snafu in future periods



Source: Clorox CISO flushes self after multimillion-dollar attack

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