Cracking group files SEC complaint on hacked company for failure to disclose breach

affiliates of ransomware gang AlphV (aka BlackCat) claimed to have compromised digital lending firm MeridianLink – and reportedly filed an SEC complaint against the fintech firm for failing to disclose the intrusion to the US watchdog.

First reported by DataBreaches, the break-in apparently happened on November 7. AlphaV’s operatives claimed they did not encrypt any files but did steal some data – and MeridianLink was allegedly aware of the intrusion the day it occurred.

In screenshots shared with The Register and posted on social media, the AlphaV SEC submission claims MeridianLink made a “material misstatement or omission” in its filings and financial statements, “or a failure to file.”

The thoughtful folks at AlphV asserted they are simply filing the paperwork for MeridianLink – and giving it “24 hours before we publish the data in its entirety.”

The Register asked the SEC about the AlphV complaint. “We decline to comment,” the spokesperson replied.

Source: Clorox CISO flushes self after multi-million-dollar attack • The Register

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