UK MoD determined to give away all it’s base

Unbelievably, after losing data on all current and ex- RAFpersonell plus dependents (and yes, that includes financial and bank account as well as personal data: NB. the numbers range from 5,000 to 50,000 to everyone depending on what you read) from a cupboard in a deserted (and minimally guarded by the army) airbase at Innsworth on unencrypted USB drives on 27/9

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The MoD has now lost data for 600,000 or 100,000 (depending on who you believe) military personell, or half the armed forces. They were stolen from defence contractor EDS (why the fuck did EDS have this data in the first damn place?!) on… yup… an unencrypted USB disk.

Daily Express


Now, wouldn’t you have thought since losing all these other centralised databases this year, they would have learned to at least put some encryption on these disks? It’s easy to do and you can even get good, solid encryption for FREE!

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