Mcor Technologies has a 3D printer which is remarkable in that it uses paper and glue to make the models. This makes the models themselves a whole load cheaper to produce, so you can print MOAR! The printers themselves are going to be sold for a “reasonable” price, whatever that is… They do have the following in their FAQ though:

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
The total cost of ownership (TCO) offers a final statement reflecting not only the cost of purchase but all aspects in the further use including materials and maintenance of the machine.
For example:
Regardless of the initial capital price point of the various machines, the maximum build (9.4litres or 316.33oz) of the Mcor Matrix costs under €94.00 ($135.00) to build, while a competitor having a cost per cc of €0.4 ($0.58) would be €3760 ($5,416.00). Any differential that might have been saved on the capital price of the machine is quickly lost.

What is the cost per cc of the Mcor Matrix?
The cost per cc for the Mcor Matrix is €0.01 or $0.0144.

How does your cost per cc compare with your competitors?
Our cost per cc is up to 40 times less expensive that our rivals.