The art of seduction

After having read ‘the Game’ by Neal Strauss, I decided to look if the internet communities he describes on the pickup game really exists and back up his claims. These guys have taken a good look at what works when picking up women and tried to apply rules to their behaviors, drastically improving their chances of a successful pickup.

The mASF forums are a good source of information,

including their instructions on what to do to get into the community first.

The have the guide – a sort of howto.

Everyone reccomends David D’angelo’s “Double your Dating”. Buy it here.

Cliff’s List is an archive (and still growing) newsletter for the speed seductionist.

Dutch Seduction is the Dutch lair of pickup artists with a lively local forum.

Natural Game has a lively forum going on as well.

The seduction community toolbar by Diabolik is a labour of love, allowing you to search techniques through the community without hitting strange Google results.

Happy sarging!

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