Ipod Touch 2G Jailbreak on Windows

So, they’ve finally done it. It’s not automated, because it’s a tethered jailbreak: ie. every time you reboot, you have to go through this whole process again, but it’s a jailbreak. Dev Team is still working on unlocking the bootrom. When they do that, they’ll automate the process.

It is not easy, but it is possible. I still recommend waiting for some program from The Dev Team.
We take no responsibility. Read everything before start doing something.


Firmware 2.1.111
Firmware 2.2.112
Boot helper15
Rslite16 %u2013 when you extract it, install the application libusb (it is in iRecovery folder) on this folder. In case of something happen, restart the PC in Safe Mode and uninstall libusb.
If you are on Vista, when you install libusb, press the right button, then proprieties and put it in Compatibility WinXP Service Pack 2

1.Extract everything in a folder in c: JB (it is easier)
2.Copy the rslite folder %u201Cfirmware bundles%u201D to %u201Cxpwn%u201D folder.
3.Copy the Firmware 2.2.1 to %u201Cxpwn%u201D folder and rename it to %u201COriginalFW.ipsw%u201D (if in your PC does not appear the extension, just rename to %u201COriginalFW%u201D)
4.Go to %u201CStart%u201D, then Execute%u2026, then write %u201Ccmd%u201D and press enter
5.Write %u201Ccd C: JB XPwn-0.5.7-win32%u201D and press enter
6.Write %u201Cipsw OriginalFW.ipsw patchedFW.ipsw -s 700 bundles Cydia.tar%u201D and press enter. It will take a while. When it is back to normal line of command and it is possible to write, close the cmd.
7.Now on the xpwn folder there is a file called %u201CpatchedFW.ipsw%u201D. Rename it to patchedFW.zip and open it with Winrar. Find the .dfu file that starts with iBSS and a .img3 file that starts with iBoot and extract both to %u201CiRecovery%u201D folder. Rename it back to %u201CpatchedFW.ipsw%u201D.
8.Rename both files that you extracted to: %u201CiBSS221pwn.dfu%u201D and %u201CiBoot221pwn.img3%u201D
9.Open Firmware 2.1.1 with Winrar (same process) and find the iBSS, extract to %u201CiRecovery%u201D folder and rename it to %u201CiBSS211.dfu%u201D
10.Turn on your iPod Touch (if it is off)
11.Connect it to the PC.
12.Put it in DFU mode17
13.Open cmd again. Type %u201Ccd C: JB iRecovery%u201D
14.Type %u201Cirecovery -f iBSS211.dfu%u201D. Close cmd and open another.
15.Disconnect the iPod, wait some seconds, connect it again.
16.Now write all t he following commands separately (write one, press enter, write other, press enter%u2026)
%u201Ccd C: JB iRecovery %u201D
%u201Cirecovery -s%u201D (ps: will appear iPhone$ and you will write the commands in front of that).
%u201Cmw 0?000000 0xe59f3014%u2033
%u201Cmw 0?000004 0xe3a02a02%u2033
%u201Cmw 0?000008 0xe1c320b0%u2033
%u201Cmw 0?00000c 0xe3e02000%u2033
%u201Cmw 0?000010 0xe2833c9d%u201D
%u201Cmw 0?000014 0xe58326c0%u2033
%u201Cmw 0?000018 0xeafffffe%u201D
%u201Cmw 0?00001c 0?200f300%u2033
18.Open a new cmd and type %u201Ccd C: JB ircovery %u201D e depois %u201Crecovery -f iBSS221pwn.dfu%u201D. Close the cmd.
19.Open iTunes and it will say that iPod Touch is in %u201Crecovery%u201D.
20.Hold SHIFT and press %u201Crestore%u201D (at the same time). Go to xpwn folder, select %u201CpatchedFW.ipws%u201D file. Do restore.
21.Your iPod will stay with black screen and will not be recognized by the PC, neither turn on or nothing, that is normal. Just relax.
22.Go to the folder were you extracted the %u201Cboot helper%u201D. Over there there is a file called %u201Cboot.bat%u201D. Open it.
Open the Task Manager and go to Processes tab
23.Kill %u201Cipodservice.exe%u201D and %u201CAppleMobileService.exe%u201D and rapidly go to the prompt where you opend %u201Cboot.bat%u201D, press enter and hold home power. When it says to release the power button, release it. But when it says to release the home button, stay pressing it, until the PC make a noise showing that everything is ok. If it remains a unknown device, do it again until it is right.
24.Follow the instructions that appear. Disconnect the iPod from the PC and connect it. When the white screen appear press enter.
25.Type %u201Carm7_go%u201D and after %u201Carm7_stop%u201D then press CTRL C and put %u201Cn%u201D, press enter.
26.Now type %u201Cgo%u201D and after CTRL C and %u201Cn%u201D again.
27.Your iPod Touch should do the boot, with Cydia and everything.

Tutorial18 made by Arthur and Caio and translated by me ๐Ÿ˜€

Thanks Arthur

Thanks Caio

If anyone saw any error in my translation, tell me what it is and I will correct. I am sorry, I am Brazilian ๐Ÿ˜€

I did not tried this tutorial, because I do not have iPod Touch 2G.

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