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Russians to fly through cave in Su-27s and Su-30s

BEIJING (AFP) – A team of Russian pilots will reportedly fly fighter jets through a narrow cave in central China in a tourist stunt that will cost people up to 840 dollars to watch. ADVERTISEMENT The Russian air force jets, including advanced Sukhoi Su-30s and Su-27s, will fly through the famed Tianmen Cave in central Read more about Russians to fly through cave in Su-27s and Su-30s[…]

USN developing plane that launches from submarines

It’s called the Cormorant and the initial development has been given to Lockheed Martin’s Skunkworks. Because nuclear subs don’t have much to do in today’s environment they want to modify the launchers to eject these aircraft. This obviously comes with problems… The Skunk Works’s answer is a four-ton airplane with gull wings that hinge around Read more about USN developing plane that launches from submarines[…]

Gorgonz Exhale Gloves

These gloves are supposed to be for in extreme cold – and using some clever system they warm up as you blow into them acting like handwarmers with no batteries! For $39,99 that’s a bit of a steal! Of course, Gorgonz claims also to have created a t-shirt that makes the current t-shirts obsolete…


The name of the machine says it all: you hang clothes on a peg, and the one machine washes, then dries, then irons your clothes. And it’s developed by a student who can’t yet find a company to help manufacture it! I neeeeed one!

Google Desktop 3 Spyware

Or at least the EFF says it is. Why? Because default settings allow you to ‘search across computers’ – and people will probably not be aware of this. Basically Google stores everything it finds on your desktop on its own servers for some period in text form. Which means they have everything on your PC!