Catch the Real Hussain

Neural networking $5 chip turns Austin Martin DB9 into super self diagnostic V12 marvel

Bluetooth projected keyboard

See through walls!

Sweet digital videocom

Everything that was on Paris Hilton’s phone

Use your skin as a networking cable

Holographic displays on your contact lens showing your glucose level etc

Read the KGB spy handbook to London

Light scattering invisibility sheilds

Build a keyboard for your TV screen

Waar let je op bij de koop van een Nissan 300 ZX Turbo;act=ST;f=5;t=99

People in lawland gone mad,10166,12458969-23109,00.html

And cool hardware for with your Media Center PC

Media Center vs TiVo and another sucky piece of hardware

Norway is not having a good day with their tanks

eyeball jewelry

If you want a robot

And think paying $2000,- for Aibo is a bit insane

Only YOU have the power to save Toby!

PETA just loves these guys

PaX: One bug and they roll over and die, how lame is that?

Theo throws another hissy fit

really really evil handy stuff for confusing the masses!

(super remote)

Of course robot dinosaurs!
(link to video scroll down)

Israeli War watch

This link got around a bit today, but this is the watch I wanna have!

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