Big Cat Protection

Protecting Big Cats is one hell of a thing. Each cat eats around 230 lbs of meat per day, making them very expensive to support. Me, I love tigers, lions, cheetah’s, panthers etc etc. and am glad that some of these cats are saved from underestimating pet owners, hunters and circus breeder wannabe’s and given a place they can prosper.

If you want to touch a tiger, there’s no better place than the Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi

In the UK the Wildlife Heritage Foundation protects tigers, lions, leopards and cheetah’s in Kent in the UK

The Tiger Haven is huge – around 50 acres in Tennessee and around 250 cats.

Big Cat Rescue in Florida has around 100 cats, including lynx, cougars, ocelots, bobcats and more.

EARS – Endangered Animal Rescue Sanctuary is smaller and also located in Florida

The International Exotic Animal Sanctuary has 58 felines and 7 bears living in Texas.

All of these places have a sponsorship / adoption scheme and will sell stuff to you to keep the project going. They are all non-profit and the fact that they are sanctuaries means the animals won’t be sold, released into the wild, hunted in canned hunts, etc. They are given a home and these homes are expensive to keep. Most welcome volunteers and some have guided tours, allowing you to come into close contact with the cats.

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