Exploring the earth and space

So there’s a whole wealth of available resources to see our planet and the solar system out there – either online or as a downloadable application. These programmes allow you to track hurricanes, cloud cover, global temperature, zoom in to varying degrees etc.

The Earth and Moon viewer is webbased and has some interesting composites

Keyhole can zoom in using satellite images to really detailed levels

This online earth viewer has a whole load of options for satellite images of the earth and space

This is a nice application bound to an online database for 1 km resolution of the earth

Earthquake 3D allows you to track earthquakes in realtime

The Infinite Universe Engine has some interesting screenshots of landscapes and really close terrain for the earth, but also other planets (a graduate project!)

NASA’s World Wind allows you to zoom in impressively from satellite pictures

The Earth Browser is good at showing cloud cover, hurricanes, bouys, webcams etc al updated from Internet as an application with a huge database of earth city locations

This is another impressive link list of terrain mapping tools (and much more information on the homepage

Of course there’s that huge 3d Solar System explorer, but I can’t find the link to that anymore – anyone? 🙂

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