China orders annual security reviews for all critical information infrastructure operators

An announcement by the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) said that cyber attacks are currently frequent in the Middle Kingdom, and the security challenges facing critical information infrastructure are severe. The announcement therefore defines infosec regulations and and responsibilities.

The CAC referred to critical infrastructure as “the nerve center of economic and social operations and the top priority of network security”. China’s definition of critical information infrastructure can be found in Article 2 of the State Council’s “Regulations on the Security Protection of Critical Information Infrastructure” and boils down to any system that could suffer significant damage from a cyber attack, and/or have such an attack damage society at large or even national security.

“The regulations clarify that important network facilities and information systems in key industries and fields belong to critical information infrastructure,” wrote the CAC in its announcement (as translated from Mandarin), adding that the state was adopting measures to monitor, defend and handle network risks and intrusions, originating domestically and globally.

The regulations themselves are lengthy and detailed, but the theme is that all Chinese enterprises whose operations depend on networks must conduct an annual security reviews, report breaches to government, and establish teams to monitor security constantly.

Those teams get to develop emergency plans and carry out emergency drills on a regular basis, in accordance with disaster management national plans.

If an incident is ever discovered, reporting and escalation to national authorities is mandatory.

The lengthy document also details a variety of organizational and logistical “clarifications”, while also outlining the state’s ability to adjust identification rules dynamically, how safeguarding measures can be implemented, and legal responsibilities and penalties for negligent parties.


Source: China orders annual security reviews for all critical information infrastructure operators • The Register

This sounds sensible. The Dutch NCSC has guidelines and an audit checklist recommending this, however this is not mandatory anywhere and very few companies actually use the monster checklist, let alone implement it. Nowadays this is not really acceptable behaviour any more.

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