Vista woes

Vista is upsetting everyone, with rumours that you can’t turn off the starting sound or have access to the kernel etc. but now it’s getting quite serious.

First, Patchguard has been compormised by Authentium prompting a backlash from Redmond stating that companies have no business even trying to compromise the kernel protection because it makes things unsafe for the Vista customer. Like private individuals aren’t going to try? And succeed?

Now the new EULA has become a draconian affair, royally screwing the customer – 2 of the 6 versions are not allowed to be installed on a virtualised environment and the Ultimate version is not allowed to play DRM protected content on a virtualised environment. Besides that you will only be allowed to install Vista on 2 PCs (ie transfer it to one new PC) and after that you can throw the licence key to Vista away and buy another one.

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