Star Control II

This game – quite possibly one of the best sci-fi games of all time: with an awesome 2 player mode behind one computer and storyline


The Sourcecode was released some time ago and The Ur-Quan Masters have gotten to a re-released version 0.6.2 which has been ported to all OSses out there almost. They’re now working on releasing it for PSP! And it’s free! AND it’s moddable, so there are loads of user extra’s, such as newly balanced ships, sound tracks, etc.

The fansites are huge and active:

The Pages of Now and Forever are a fairly sane sample of the gaming population

The Frungy Championships are a manga crazy on on speed type cult following the game.

Surprisingly, both sites are updated almost daily!

Finally, Toys for Bob (the creators of SC 1 and 2) have a petition going on asking for support to build a new Star Control game! Go sign it!

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