D-Box GP-200 chair adds motion to your games

Hey racing buffs, do you find it’s just not as satisfying to pull off hair-raising turns with your average controller? If you’re looking for the off-screen action to match your gameplay, the D-Box GP-200 gaming chair might do nicely.

Picture a padded bucket seat propped up on three hydraulic legs and fitted with five speakers. Now imagine said hydraulic chair wiggling all over the place, turn-for-turn with your virtual race car, meanwhile your ears throb from the roar of the engine. It’s the kind of fun you could normally only enjoy while playing an arcade simulator, though at several times the price: $16,425.

Yowza! If you’re still with me, the D-Box GP-200 works with a handful of racing games, as well as other simulators such as Flight Simulator X. — Kevin Hall


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