Senjo No Kizuna: a glorious panoramic Gundam simulator

Giant robot lovers, rejoice! And then buy plane tickets to Japan.

Japanese game purveyors Banpresto and Bandai joined forces to release Senjo No Kizuna, which features mechs from the ultra-popular Gundam universe blowing each other up. Sitting inside a simulator, the player controls her mech with both dual joysticks and foot pedals. Each pod is a single-seater, closed environment, has a panoramic display and is networked so players will face combatants from adjoining pods and from units in other arcades in matches of five versus five. Senjo No Kizuna also issues players a Pilot Card that stores all of their combat data and allows them to build upon their record with consecutive plays.

Click through to see a video of the game in action. — Kevin Hall


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