Ever fancy a pork chop sorbet? You need a Pacojet

Have you ever been in a snobby restaurant where when it comes to dessert time, the offerings include some highly unlikely frozen concoction like camembert sorbet? If so, chances are the dessert chef got a Pacojet for Christmas. This device is to blenders what a flame thrower is to kitchen matches, taking slicing and dicing into a whole new realm.

Take any type of food, whether it’s Mars bars, a whole lobster, a pile of anchovies, or yes, even a whole sea bass (take that Bass-O-Matic), freeze it solid, and then the Pacojet will whip it into a smooth and creamy frozen delight through a process they call Pacotizing. With more savory items, you can also create your own mousses and spreads (pickled onion topping anyone)?

The Pacojet is available now for $3450


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