Lenard Audio, because real men need real speakers, mate

f the Australian Tourist Board wants to dispel the Crocodile Dundee bigger is better, Texas with a funny accent image many of us have of their country, they’d better slap an export ban on Lenard Audio speakers pronto. I also hope the buildings north of Sydney are earthquake proof, because Lenard’s new Opal speakers are available with not just one, but a pair of massive 27 inch woofers in an enclosure that’s almost eight feet tall. These custom built to order behemoths are built one pair at a time to order, so if your sweetie isn’t willing to go with the quad 27 inch assault, you could always tell her that you’ll stick with the more modest 18 inch woofer option, just for her of course

Lenard Audio doesn’t appear to have US distribution, but I’m sure they’ll be willing to ship you a set of Opals the next time the Queen Mary II is steaming your way.


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