MIT stackable City Cars reinvent the wheel

Did you know there’s a division at MIT called the Smart Cities group? It’s true, and judging by the designs the team puts out maybe we should just leave city planning to them from here on out.

They have a two-seater electric buggy in the works called the City Car that can stack against other City Cars to cut down on space and make transporting easy. Six to eight cars are said to be able to fit in one conventional parking space. The cars are built around an omni-directional robot wheel, which not only allows for impressive maneuverability, but also contains the vehicle’s electric-drive motor. City-goers will be happy to hear that the system allows for each wheel to turn 90 degrees, making parallel parking as easy as driving sideways.

The City Car is due to be shown off next year. Until then, we have this video to ogle at the very least. — Kevin Hall

Technology Review, via Engadget

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